Fitness Center

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Our fitness center is open to the Wells College community and registered members of the public. Availability and hours of operation may vary due to college breaks, special events or holidays.

Fitness Center information is available by calling
the front desk at (315) 364-3251.


Fitness Center & Pool Hours for Dec. 7 through Dec. 13, 2019


Fitness Center

Saturday (Dec. 7th) - 11am-6pm

Sunday (Dec. 8th) - 11am-7pm

Monday (Dec. 9th) - Tuesday (Dec. 10th) - 8am-10pm

Wednesday (Dec. 11th) - 7am-10pm

Thursday (Dec. 12th) 7am-8pm

Friday (Dec. 13th) 11am-9pm



Saturday (Dec. 7th) - Sunday (Dec. 8th) 11am-2pm

Monday (Dec. 9th) - 8am-1pm; 5-8pm

Tuesday (Dec. 10th) - 8am-12pm; 5-8pm

Wednesday (Dec. 11th) - 8am-12pm; 5-8pm

Thursday (Dec. 12th) - 9am-12pm; 5-8pm

Friday (Dec. 13th) - 11am-1pm




Patrons of the fitness center are allowed to utilize the Farenthold Athletic Wing (Lower Gym) or the upper gym when it is not reserved for other activities.


  • Once you have set up a membership, you will need to check in at the front desk every time you arrive to access the facility.
  • Payments will be accepted at the front desk of the Fitness Center.  Cash and check only.  Please make checks payable to "Wells College".
  • All participants must sign a waiver form.
  • Please contact the front desk at (315) 364-3251 with any questions.
  • Locker room facilities are available on the upper level of the Schwartz Athletic Center.


The Schwartz Fitness Center boasts a wide array of aerobic and strength training equipment which includes:

  • Cardiovascular Training:
    - Six Precor Ellipticals*
    - Six Precor Treadmills*
    - Two Precor Stationary Bikes*
    - Four Cybex Arc Trainers*
    - SciFit Arm Machine
    - First Degree Rower
    (*These pieces of equipment are connected to an individualized cardio theatre. Headphones are required.)
  • Strength Training:
    - CYBEX
    - Universal Gym
    - 13 Piece Strength Machine Circuit
    - Smith Machine
    - Squat Rack
    - HOIST-TKO Dumbbell Series 8-100 lbs.